How to clean area rugs

How to clean area rugs

Area rugs are a stylish and functional floor covering solution for every home in South Florida. This type of flooring solution might not be permanent, but it's one that can provide a modern yet cozy appeal to the home. Incorporating rugs can help to protect flooring and keep it clean all year round. The intricacies of maintaining area rugs are determined by the size, material, and texture. Clean area rugs are considered a challenge by many homeowners. Area rug and carpet cleaning are made easy with the tips below:

  • Medium to large-sized rugs can be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt. Keep in mind that dirt beneath the rug can also contribute to its premature wear and tear, so turn it over and vacuum the reverse too. Avoid vacuuming the rug's fringe.
  • Small rugs can be shaken or beaten to remove any trapped dust, dirt, and grit. Take it outside and be vigorous with your shaking and beating. You should do this at least once a week.
  • Unfortunately, wear from foot traffic and exposure to the sun is something that cannot be avoided. Make sure that the wear is kept even by turning the rug at least once a year.
  • Make use of a firm brush or broom to brush pet hair out of the carpet. Make sure to brush in the same direction as the carpet's "grain" to avoid damaging it.

Some rugs and carpets will require special cleaning techniques. To clean area rugs of this nature carefully and effectively, always consult with the product label. However, these tips could also help:

  • For braided or woven rugs, place the rug in a pillowcase and wash on a gentle cycle with cool water.
  • Oriental, hand-made or hand-knotted rugs can be vacuumed, but through a nylon screen mesh to protect them against damage.
  • In the case of fur, sheepskin, and hides, talcum powder can be sprinkled on the surface and left for a while. Brush the powder into the rug and then take it outside and shake it out vigorously. This can be done every couple of weeks.

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