How to clean area rugs

How to clean area rugs

Area rugs come in a variety of materials, with varying weaves and care instructions. One thing common to them all is that they should be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. They need to be protected and maintained in much the same way you would a wall-to-wall carpet of the same material. The good news is that cleaning area rugs are often a lot easier as they can be moved, turned up and in many cases, turned over.

General cleaning tips for area rugs

  • Vacuum your area rug at least every two to three days - or more often if needed. Be careful not to suck up any fringes. Dirt, bits of food, pet hair and grime become difficult to remove if it gets worked into the rug and will quickly ruin the look and value of your area rug. Don't forget to vacuum underneath if it's reversible.
  • Animal hair can be a problem and may need to be brushed out. Use a stiff-bristle brush, being careful to always brush in the same direction as the rug's nap.
  • You can hang small rugs outside on a fence or washing line and beat off accumulated dust and dirt the good-old-fashioned way.

Specific deep cleaning tips for special area rugs

  • Woven area rugs:
Put a blanket underneath and wash with a carpet cleaner or one recommended on the rug's label. Check for colorfastness! If in doubt, bring in the professionals.

  • Persian carpets and other oriental area rugs:
Vacuum to clean. Have them professionally cleaned once a year. Don't try to do it yourself - especially if it is an antique.

  • Sisal, coir and other grass fiber area rugs:
Vacuum to clean and wash specific areas only if needed - drying them quickly with a hairdryer so as not to damage the fibers.

Contact us for more information on cleaning and caring for your area rug so that it maintains its good looks for years to come. We have a wealth of tips on all types of rugs - from pure wool to fur rugs.