Hardwood Care & Maintenance Tips

In any home, hardwood floors radiate style and class. They are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional. Wood flooring is incredibly easy to take care of, but certain maintenance techniques need to be employed if you want to maximize the longevity of your flooring solution. At California Designs, Inc., we have compiled this list of maintenance tips to ensure you get the best out of your wood flooring:

  1. Vacuum Your Floor
    Small bits of dirt like sand and gravel act as sandpaper when they are underfoot. These bits can wear through your finish. Worse, they may even cause permanent damage to the floor underneath. Good vacuuming practice keeps your floors clean and prolongs their life. Microfiber cloths work just as well.

  2. Watch out for Furniture Polish
    While it does undoubtedly have a buffing effect when used correctly, if left to sit, furniture polish does the opposite of its intended use, and clouds the finish of your hardwood floor. Wipe it off as soon as it is applied to ensure the continued sheen of your floors.

  3. Water Kills Wood
    Standing water can seep into cracks and stain and rot the wood. It can also swell the planks, creating more cracks and worsening the situation. Ensure that you take the following precautionary measures:
    • Keep the rain out,
    • Have collection trays under potted plants, and
    • Wipe up any spills as they happen.

  4. Use Rugs To Protect Your Floors
    'High traffic' zones such as living rooms and hallways see a lot of foot traffic. This will slowly but surely wear down the finish on your wood flooring. Using rugs creates a barrier between the floor and your feet, extending the lifetime of your floors.

  5. Furniture Pads Are a Must
    Even if you are not in the habit of rearranging furniture, the use of your furniture causes wear-and-tear on your floor. Much in the same way that rugs protect your floor, furniture pads will keep your varnish from being worn through.

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