Buying a new carpet as part of your interior design strategy may seem like a fairly simple and straightforward thing to do, but many people fall into a few common pitfalls. Because this isn't a common, everyday purchase, it is understandable that customers are not always aware of which mistakes to avoid. Here are some of the top ones we have picked up in the market:

  • Assigning quality to the incorrect things
    What makes a carpet a ‘high-quality carpet'? Many customers overestimate the impact of the carpet weight on the quality of the product. A carpet that weighs more than another carpeting option is not necessarily of better quality. Other factors that need to be considered include the density and the fibers of the carpet, for example. You should also look at the warranties that the carpet manufacturer offers when deciding between different carpets, as a carpet with a 25-year warranty will obviously be of higher quality than a carpet with a 5-year warranty. Make sure you are talking to skilled salespeople when trying to determine which carpet is of a higher quality.
  • Not Buying A Quality Underpad
    The underpad beneath your carpet is something that you cannot even see. So, it is easy to understand why people skimp on this part of the flooring system. A quality underpad is vital because it absorbs impacts from furniture and foot traffic, which will ultimately extend the longevity of your carpet and keep it looking better for longer.
  • Incorrectly Calculating The Amount Of Carpeting You Need
    Most people assume that they can measure the rooms that they want to carpet in order to arrive at a square foot calculation of how much carpeting they need. However, this is often not the case. The direction of the carpet pile, whether you are buying carpet tiles or a rolled carpet, and other factors can all influence the amount of carpet you need. Take measurements before you start carpet shopping so that an interior designer or informed salesperson can calculate how much of a specific carpet product you will need.
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