Decorating Your Home With Area Rugs, Tips, And Ideas

Decorating Your Home With Area Rugs, Tips, And Ideas

As interior design specialists, we often get asked questions about carpets and area rugs. Some of the common questions include how far should my area rug be from the wall? Can I layer a rug on top of my wall-to-wall carpet? Can I layer two rugs together? Do I put all four legs, two legs or no legs of my furniture on my rug?

Here are a few ideas and tips to consider if you are decorating your home:

Low Pile Carpets
If you are decorating with area rugs, then a low pile carpet as the flooring base is a good idea. With low pile carpets, your space won't be overwhelmed with an additional area rug. An area rug can anchor the space and add to your color or design scheme.

Furniture Legs On The Rug
The traditional way to design an interior flooring space is to put all four legs of a piece of furniture on a rug. Some designers, however, prefer to just put the front two legs of the furniture piece on the rug. If you don't put any furniture legs on the rug, it can make your room look and feel disconnected.

We follow a 12 to 18-inch rule that allows us to make sure the rug fills the space but doesn't cover all of the flooring underneath. That way, if you have a beautiful hardwood floor, it can still be seen and felt by the room's occupants.

Define Areas With Your Rugs
You can use rugs to separate areas, such as a dining area and a living room or a hallway and a foyer. This is exceptionally helpful if you have a large, open plan space such as a studio apartment.

Use Complimentary Colors
If you are using more than one rug, make sure you create harmony in the space by opting for rugs with the same color scheme and palettes.

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