Decisions to Make before Ordering Your Custom Plantation Shutters

Decisions to Make before Ordering Your Custom Plantation Shutters

So, you've decided that your home needs a makeover, and you've concluded that plantation shutters are the way to go. Here at California Designs, Inc., we agree! However, seeing as though they are going to be framing the windows of your beloved home, you'll want to ensure that you make the right decision when choosing the type and design of plantation shutters that you order. Here are a few factors to consider before taking that plunge:

  • Which Style?

    1. You have three main options:

    2. Full shutters which open as one panel,
    3. Cafe shutters which only cover half of the window, or
    4. Double hang shutters which can be opened separately both at the top and the bottom.
    5. If none of these sound like the right choice for you, you might also want to consider divider rails.

  • How to Mount?

    You must decide if you want to mount your custom plantation shutters inside or outside the window. The best choice, if you have a decorative trim on the window, is to mount them inside. If not, an outside mount is sure to work better.

  • Louver Size?

  • This will be based mostly on personal preference. Generally, louver sizes include:

    • 2.5"
    • 3.5"
    • 4.5"
    Remember, the smaller the size, the more the privacy offered by the Louver.

  • Tilting?

    1. The two options include:
    2. A front tilt (more privacy)
    3. A modern hidden tilt (which provides a clearer outside view)

Looking for a company to provide you with durable, beautiful custom plantation shutters? Look no further than the window solutions experts at California Designs, Inc. Contact us for more information today.