Dark Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas

Dark Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas

Hardwood floors are stylish and timeless, plus they also require very little maintenance and, if properly cared for, tend to outlast their carpeting counterparts. If you’re thinking about embellishing your home with classic hardwood flooring, you’re also probably thinking about how to decorate your home in order to complement them. The California Designs team has a few tips to share with you below.

Add A Rug

Small carpets or area rugs can really soften the look of hardwood floors and can effortlessly add a sense of cozy comfort to the room. That, and they’ll also help your home to feel warmer during winter. If you have installed dark hardwood flooring, lighter colored rugs are a great choice, lifting the mood of the room. If you’re worried about keeping the light-colored rug clean, opt for a patterned design, as these don’t generally show up dirt as easily.

Add Contemporary Elements

Hardwood flooring has a traditional, rustic feel. If you would like to create contrast in your interior, we recommend pairing these dark hardwood floors with contemporary furniture in the form of contemporary cabinets, streamlined hardware and quirky lighting choices. This mixing and matching of classic and modern elements will give each room a sense of personality and uniqueness.

Choose Flowing Fabrics

Long, flowing curtains and plush, cozy throws can help to further soften the look of an interior featuring hardwood flooring – dark or light. Again, if your hardwood floors are dark, opting for lighter colored fabrics is a great idea.

When in search of high-quality hardwood floors and area rugs, you can always rely on the California Designs team to deliver. For more information about our range, do not hesitate to get in touch!