Creative Ideas for Your Kitchen Window Treatments

Creative Ideas for Your Kitchen Window Treatments

When you sit down to think about your new kitchen window treatments, your first thoughts are probably to get something that looks really nice, creates the right atmosphere, and is fashionable. Then, as you think on, various practical and functional considerations come into play as part of the creative process. Here's how to combine creativity with practicality to achieve the perfect window solution:

Creative Idea #1
It's a kitchen. Which means the following is given:
Steam and moisture,
High spillage near sinks, and
Spatter and odors near stoves.

Therefore, practically it would be good to use materials and coverings that are easy to clean and maintain. Depending on your lifestyle, consider choosing wipe-down blinds or shutters or washable curtains and draperies.

Creative Idea #2
Natural light and ventilation are great in a cooking area, but maybe you need more privacy? Go outside one night and see what it's like looking in with the lights on? Then you might look for screening materials that allow daylight in, let you see out, and still block views from the outside.

Creative Idea #3
Quality of light and sun control. Windows bring natural light into a room, which at times can be overwhelming. Design your window treatments with shutters to allow partial or complete light control.

Want to add a splash of sophistication to your home? Then consider plantation shutters. There are various alternatives to choose from, such as moisture-resistant, light control and insulated options. Perfect for kitchens and easy to operate.

Creative Idea #4
Consider the shape and size of your kitchen windows. Are they big or odd shapes? Do you have a large bay window? Think about floor-length curtain panels to frame and provide a canvas for stunning colors and patterns.

Creative Idea #5
Is there a lovely view from your window? With the right touch, window treatments can complement and frame a beautiful view or filter and obscure a less desirable one.

Creative Idea #6
If you want a space to feel taller, install the chosen window treatment from ceiling to floor. This gives the impression of a taller ceiling.

Creative Idea #7
Maybe outside environmental noise is a consideration? Then your window treatments along with carpets and upholstery can be designed to absorb and/or soften the sounds, buffering the outside noise.

With so many window treatments options and practical aspects to think about, it can be difficult to make the final decision. Our team of experts is here to help you.

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