Choose Hardwood Flooring

Choose Hardwood Flooring

Choose Hardwood Flooring to Add Charm, Style and Value to Your Palm Beach Home

Engineered hardwood flooring can add timeless and modern appeal to any Palm Beach home. You will find that hardwood flooring is engineered to be durable and stylish, and is available in a wide variety of styles, colors, shades and sizes. As the flooring is supplied in panels, it is fairly easy to install and it is also convenient to ensure that sufficient gap is catered to. This is to make sure that the flooring doesn't buckle or lose integrity during any weather-induced expansion and contraction.

Engineered hardwood flooring is the ultimate flooring solution for the modern home. It is available in both a finished and unfinished version which means that you can truly customize your flooring to suit the home's existing appeal. Popular finishes include hand-scraped, smooth, old fashioned oiled or wire brushed.

While hardwood flooring offers many advantages, here are our top 3 benefits:

  • Hardwood flooring is designed to offer durability which means that it ages gracefully. This type of flooring is, therefore, an affordable long term investment.
  • Hardwood floors are a great organic option and are also non-electromagnetic in nature. This means that they do not attract dust, mold, and allergens, making them the healthier flooring option.
  • Hardwood flooring's engineered surface is designed to withstand impacts, scuffs and scratches without presenting surface damage. This makes them the ideal flooring option in heavy foot traffic areas and in busy homes with children and pets.

Top wood types for hardwood flooring include Brazilian Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Beech and Oak. While it is possible to do a DIY installation of your new hardwood flooring panels/planks, it is always advised that you seek out the professional installation services of a reputable flooring company.

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Whether you are installing new flooring in your Palm Beach home or trying to upgrade or spruce up your existing floors, hardwood floors are the ultimate flooring solution. To learn more about your hardwood flooring options, take the time to browse through our online flooring solutions gallery.

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