Carpet vs Area Rugs – How To Choose Which Is Right For You

Carpet vs Area Rugs – How To Choose Which Is Right For You

If you are trying to choose what soft floor covering is right for your Florida home, you might want to compare carpet vs area rugs. Many people think that these two are one and the same, when in fact, they are not. There are various differences between carpets and area rugs that will help you to choose which option is best for you.

The Differences Between Area Rugs and Carpets (and what they are best used for)

  • Area rugs – these are non-permanent features as they aren't attached to the floor's surface. They are typically manufactured from woven materials and only used to cover certain areas of the floor to provide protection, stop slipping or to create a certain aesthetic appeal. They are easy to clean and can be easily changed as and when your preferences change.
  • Carpets – these are wall-to-wall floor coverings that are permanently fitted to the surface of the floor with glue or tacks (sometimes both). They are designed from woven fabrics and purpose fitted. They are a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms and provide a well-insulated, soft and comfortable surface to walk on. Carpeting can provide a unified surface throughout the home.
Which choice is right for you? If you have gleaming polished wooden floors and want to provide a bit of interest, area rugs are the choice for you. If you are looking for a soft floor covering and would like to be ensured of noise and heat insulation as well as a non slip surface that's durable, then carpets are a great choice for your home.

Before opting for either, it's best to consider what your specific objectives are. If you are hoping to provide a flooring that is suitable for an elderly couple (or person), your objectives will be different to that of a young family. If you aren't sure which flooring options are best suited to your needs and requirements, we suggest that you chat to one of our experts at California Designs.

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