Carpet Color and Style Trends

Carpet Color and Style Trends

Carpets can add new textures and colors to your home, helping to keep things interesting and adding to its overall aesthetic appeal and comfort. The question is, what color and style carpet trends should you be looking out for at the moment? We investigate below:

  • Soft Textured Carpets
Soft textured flooring solutions are incredibly trendy right now - which is great news if you're hoping to turn your living room or dining room into something slightly more delicate, cozy and feminine.

  • Pretty Pastels
A couple of years ago, the focus was on deep, rich colors. Nowadays, however, there has been a bit of a shift to something more understated in the form of neutral (beige, brown, gray, etc.) and pastel colors (baby blue, soft green, pale yellow). The effect of this is the creation of a contemporary edge in every room.

  • Large Sizes
Another main trend now is over-sized carpets that fill the room, as opposed to smaller carpets that are generally used as small accents. So, if you're going to buy a new carpet, why not go all the way and get your hands on the biggest one you can find?

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