Best Wall colors for dark hardwood floors

Best Wall colors for dark hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a timeless flooring solution. Not only are they pragmatic (being both durable and easy to clean), but they are elegant and give your home a sense of class. Taking these factors into consideration, it would be remiss of any interior design company to not choose a wall color that will both complement and enhance your hardwood floor.

Dark Hardwood Considerations

Having a dark hardwood floor affects the entire feel of the inside of a room. Light reacts differently and special care needs to be taken when choosing furniture, wall color, and fittings. Dark hardwood floors tend to absorb a lot of light, making the room appear smaller and cozier. This means that if you lack large windows or adequate sources of natural light, you will need to compensate this with brighter overhead lights and lamps, as well as have lighter colored walls to avoid a claustrophobic feel.

Color Considerations

There are few factors to look for when trying to pick a suitable wall color to match and bring out the best in your hardwood flooring solution:

  • The finishing stain used on the hardwood floor will give it a certain undertone. Take note of it as it may help you ultimately decide which color goes best on your walls.
  • Treating your floor color as neutral, you might want to have a lighter wall color to juxtapose it. Pure white is not advised, but warmer colors such as cream, eggshell and beige will make the room feel more open.
  • Painting the ceiling and trim pure white will give a crisp outline to important pieces and lighten up the room considerably
  • Gray colors with black or mauve undertones can extra layers of volume to the room, giving it an intriguing appeal and blending nicely with a very dark floor.

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