4 Area Rug Tips for DIY Decorators

4 Area Rug Tips for DIY Decorators

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a professional interior decorator when you can transform your home into a luxurious paradise all by yourself? Here are our top tips when it comes to selecting the perfect area rugs for your household.

  • Don't Fuss Too Much About Color

    If you're trying to find an area rug to match your color scheme 100%, stop now. What looks much better is varying shades of one or two colors. This adds depth to your interior and makes it a lot more interesting at a glance. Just remember to opt for lighter colors if the room in question is quite small.

  • If in Doubt, Go Bigger

    One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is to buy carpets and area rugs that are not big enough. To create a sense of more space, the edges of the rug should exceed the furniture under which it is placed.

  • Take Note of Material

    Even though most area rugs are made from wool, that doesn't mean that it is the best choice! For enhanced beauty and a more tailored appearance, we recommend experimenting with other materials such as silk or viscose.

  • Shop Right

    To ensure that you make the right choices, you'll want to shop with the right resources - this includes paint chips, fabric swatches, and flooring samples. This will help you to coordinate the perfect look and feel that you're after.

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