3 inspiring ideas for window treatments

3 inspiring ideas for window treatments

A window treatment is an interior design element whereby a hard or soft material or fabric is placed around, on or in the window. The window treatment helps to enhance the aesthetics of the window and of course the room. Here's some inspiring ideas for window treatments to transform your home's interior from drab to fabulous.

  1. Beautiful blinds and shades Blinds have renewed popularity, especially old fashioned wooden blinds. It is popular as people prefer the warm tones of the wood. It blends in with a wide variety of decorating styles. For a minimal and modern look, traditional blinds can go a long way. With blinds, you can keeping out as much light as you want, all while keeping the style that you want. There different types of blinds to fit your taste and environment. For blocking out the light, the custom-cut blinds will be more effective. Vinyl blinds allow adequate light transmission. There are also metal materials or thick dark vinyl for a more appealing and eye-catching look. Wooden blinds offer another great way to make a bold statement in any room. They come in different sizes and shapes and are a cost affordable way to make your room beautiful.

  2. Plantation shutters Plantation shutters are a mix of function and beauty. They are a popular, effective way to add a elegant look to your home. Traditional plantation shutters have a rather simple design and fitting and are used to keep out the harsh elements of the environment and pests as well as provide good lightning in a room.They are typically considered a fixed feature in the home as they are custom designed and as a result, they are generally the only window treatment that can be financed into the purchase of a property.

  3. Custom draperyDrapery on windows are ideal to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. Professionals help you to take your size requirements, type of material needed and colour to match your room. There are various kinds of draperies available in the market for you can simply enhance the décor of your house.

    Beautiful window treatments can really transform a room. You can take a beautifully decorated room that has no window treatments and you can change the whole look of the room. At California Designs, we offer a wide selection of window solutions and window treatments. Contact us for more information today.