Blinds and Shades Palm Beach

You want to get blinds or shades for your home in Palm Beach. However, you don’t know where to begin. You know that there are many options available but are uncertain about how to choose. Allow California Designs to enlighten and inform you as to what choices you have to update your home in the style of your choice.
Blind Types
Blinds are available in various designs, offering different styles and varying levels of convenience, prominence, privacy, practicality, adjustability and UV protection. These options include:

  • Motorized blinds and shades
    Ideal for hard to reach places or simply providing an innovative and stylish feature to your home. They are controlled at the touch of a button or remote control, rotating up to 180 degrees to give you complete control.
  • Hunter Douglas Blinds
    Custom designed and assembled right here in the U.S. to provide the greatest possible benefits to style, privacy, UV protection, light control, maintenance, and energy efficiency.
  • Sliding door blinds
    Effortlessly bring style and elegance to your modern sliding doors while adding essential privacy to your home.
  • Vertical blinds
    The ultimate in simple practicality.
  • Horizontal blinds
    An affordable way to bring the benefits of blinds into your home.
Now that you’ve chosen a type of blind, it’s time to consider what material you would like them made from.

Blind Materials
At California Designs in Palm Beach, we offer blinds in the following materials:

  • Wood
    The original blind material, these come in a variety of shades and colors that can offer a rustic or modern look. However, it should be avoided in moist environments due to the possibility of warping.
  • Faux wood
    Faux wood offers the appearance of wood but generally at a more affordable cost and with a larger range of colors. There’s also the added benefit of being moisture and warp resistant.
  • Vinyl
    Vinyl blinds offer a contemporary look in a wide variety of styles and colors and provide excellent light control.
  • Poly resin
    Poly resin is designed to be kind to the environment while offering great UV protection. It is practically maintenance-free.
  • Aluminum
    The go-to material for a timeless, contemporary look: these are hard-wearing, low-maintenance and cost-effective in a wide range of colors.
  • Soft material fabrics
    Easily the most flexible choice, customized options made with this material can add color, style and practical benefits to any space.

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