Blinds and Shades in Palm Beach Gardens

When choosing blinds and shades (must link to the new page that will be added to Window Treatments.) in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, you should make sure that it will suit your individual needs. Window shades must fit your window shape and should offer the correct amount of light to the room it is installed in. Blinds and shades give you comfort and make living in your home much easier and more convenient.
If you are shopping for shades and blinds in Palm Beach Gardens, you can purchase one of the following types:

  • Motorized shades: Motorized blinds and shades are very convenient: there is no need to pull at strings attached to your blinds in order to get them to open or close. These remote control blinds are easy to use and can be operated by simply pushing a button.
  • Hunter Douglas blinds: Hunter Douglas blinds are custom made in the US and will give you UV protection, light control, privacy, insulation and many more amazing features.
  • Customized blinds: You can also customize your shades, even if you want sliding door blinds, vertical blinds or horizontal blinds.

Blind materials that are used at California Designs in Palm Beach Gardens include wood, vinyl, polyresin, faux wood, aluminum, and soft material fabrics. These materials can be customized to fit any window and any room lighting, depending on how light or dark the blind or shade color is. Should any type of shade or blind need to be repaired or maintained, all you need to do is take it to a professional blinds company in Palm Beach Gardens.

Choose California Designs for all your shade and blind needs

California Designs in Palm Beach Gardens is your number one window blinds company. With us, you can rest assured that your house will look exquisite when the blinds are installed. Our service area includes Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and Wellington.

For more information about our blinds and shades, do not hesitate to give us a call.