Area Rugs, Wellington, FL

Enhance your home with gorgeous carpets and area rugs. Residents in Wellington, FL, are getting creative when it comes to the colors, textures, and sizes of the area rugs that they decide to place in the home. The question is, which area rug best suits your needs and design preferences? We investigate below.
Choosing the Right Color

It can be tempting to choose the brightest, most vibrant design in the showroom. However, if the room in which you plan to place the rug is already quite colorful, a slightly more neutral option might be better. Bright, heavily-patterned area rugs look great when placed in a muted setting, as they command attention and act as the centerpiece of the room.

Choosing the Right Texture

From wool area rugs to shag area rugs and everything in between, there are usually various textures to choose from. Remember that a room full of different textures always looks fashionable, thanks to the layering effect that is created. If your furniture is made from leather, for example, a plush, wool area rug or carpet is sure to look stunning. Keep in mind, however, that the fluffier the pile, the more of a tripping hazard it will be, so exercise caution if you have kids or if there are elderly people living with you in the house.

Choosing the Right Size

Many homeowners are intimidated by large area rugs – there isn’t any need to be! If you have plenty of furniture, the general rule of thumb is that all of it should fit onto the rug itself, with the back legs off it and placed on the floor. This is a good way to gauge which size rug to buy. However, there is nothing wrong with going a bit bigger if you’re feeling daring and wish to experiment!

Area Rugs for Sale in Wellington, FL

Here at California Designs, we specialize in area rugs. Wellington, FL, residents rely on us to provide them with a selection of the finest designs manufactured by the world’s best-loved brands. Visit our website to see for yourself or drop us a line to learn more.