Area rugs in North Palm Beach, FL

Area rugs are an elegant and functional floor covering for every home in North Palm Beach, FL. Whether you opt for round, square, shag or contemporary area rugs, they are an easy way to create impact, muffle unnecessary noise, and cushion your feet.
  • Kitchen Area Rugs

    Kitchens are busy places. Not only are meals prepared and shared there, but it is also a gathering place for families and friends. Kitchen area rugs add to an inviting feel while at the same time protecting your floors.

    The best area rugs for kitchens are ideally easy to clean – preferably machine washable – keeping in mind the inevitable spills and splashes. Wool is naturally water and stain resistant, so wool area rugs are durable with regular maintenance. Other natural materials are robust enough to weather heavy foot traffic and can be cleaned by hand with soap and water. Cotton flatweave area rugs are a super practical flooring solution, as they are machine-washable.

  • Living Room Area Rugs

    If you are decorating your living room from scratch, start by choosing your large area rugs. As the biggest item which pulls together all the other elements of the room, it makes a statement.

    Do not be shy to experiment with assorted styles or textures. While this is an investment piece, it is also easily rotated according to the seasons – or even your mood.

  • Outdoor Area Rugs

    Is your outdoor living space due for a style upgrade? If so, outdoor area rugs offer an instant refresh. Without committing to stressful and expensive tasks such as repainting or reupholstering your furniture, you can have fun with new color schemes and designs using area rugs.

  • Choosing the Right Size Area Rug

    Area rugs need to be correctly sized for maximum impact:
    • In a room with a floating seating area, the area rug should be beneath every piece of furniture – including the front and back legs. Add a little space around the edge.
    • In a dining room, choose a rug – be it round or rectangular – that generously accommodates your tables and chairs, even when they are pulled out.<
    • Choose a bedroom area rug large enough to hold the bed and provide extra width and length to walk around the bed. If your rug is slightly smaller, the same rules apply, but you can exclude your nightstands

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