Area rugs in Jupiter, FL

Are you considering investing in area rugs in Jupiter, FL? If so, you may have a few questions that you need answering before taking the plunge and making the purchase. Fear not. California Designs is here to provide you with all the information and advice that you seek. Investing in an area rug is the best design purchase you can make, even with a houseful of pets, kids, etc.
  • How Do I Place Large Area Rugs in the Living Room?
Placing area rugs in the living room where there is a lot of furniture is quite easy. The general rule is to place your chosen design right in the center of it all, with the front furniture legs on the area rug itself, and the back furniture legs off it. Doing so helps to connect the various furniture pieces, while still creating a sense of more space and breathability within the room.

  • Which Looks Better? Large Area Rugs or Small Area Rugs?
This depends on your personal preferences, as well as on the size of the room in which you plan to place your area rugs. Obviously, the larger the room, the larger the area rug can be – don’t be afraid to go big, especially if you want to make a statement!

  • How Do You Pull Off Round Area Rugs?
Round area rugs are less common than their square or rectangular counterparts, but they are becoming more and more popular in Jupiter, FL, homes. Believe it or not, these rugs can look beautiful when paired with round or curved furniture items in the dining or living room.

  • Can Shag Area Rugs Look Sophisticated?
Most definitely! They add a bit of texture to the décor and contribute a sense of coziness and comfort. In the bedroom, a small shag area rug (runner) at the side of the bed is ideal for a comfy feeling first thing in the morning.

  • What Are the Best Area Rugs for the Kitchen?
There is no hard and fast rule. The area rugs that you select for your kitchen will depend on your own personal design preferences and the size of the kitchen floor. Three pointers to look out for are:
  • The type of Area rug – Flatweave rugs are ideal for busy kitchen areas and plush, high-pile area rugs are ideal for walkways and under a kitchen table
  • The cleanability of the area rug – can you machine-wash it, is it naturally water and stain resistant or does it need to be professionally cleaned
  • The safety of the area rug – it is important to ensure that you get a rug with a non-slip rug pad to prevent slip-and-fall accidents, especially on tiles and polished hardwood floors.

  • Should I Consider Investing in Wool Area Rugs?
Why not? Wool is a sturdy natural fiber that bend, making it a very resilient area rug. They certainly have a strong appeal and can look stunning when placed in the living room or bedroom.

The next time you are in search of the best quality area rugs in Jupiter, FL, look no further than California Designs. Our showroom offers a complete range of recognized carpet brands and signature labels, as well as an exquisite array of top area rug brands too. View our online gallery of carpets and area rugs. We can even offer you custom area rug design services! Contact us today to learn more.